Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empowering Mail Art

I am so happy that Hanna Andersson hosted an autumn postcard swap in addition to the one she did earlier this year!  I needed a reason to get creative and her theme of "empowerment" was the perfect inspiration.  I sent my five cards off earlier this week, but of course I couldn't help but make a few extras to send to friends in the coming months.  Thank you to Hanna!  If you are ever so inspired be sure to get in on the next one!  Go to and sign up for her newsletter!

Cheers!  And thank you for visiting!!!


  1. they all look very pretty!
    i love the mix of flowers and words and above all the colors you have used.
    i'd really like to receive one of yours....

    best wishes to you!

    doro K.

  2. your cards are beautiful. i always love anais nin's quotes.
    thank you for visiting my site. i received my first post card yesterday. fun.

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  4. Magical & so romantic, wow. I love all of these cards, thanks for sharing!

  5. Just received one of your postcards and it's gorgeous! I love the quote and the background ... what did you use to make it? It's lovely, thanks so much! -- Tina

    1. Oh! Glad it arrived safely! And thank you! I used a Gelli Arts printing plate for the backgrounds...I will be blogging about it this weekend, so check back next week!

  6. I really like the colors and the way the flowers pop out!

  7. I got one too! Fantastic!

  8. Marrianna here from Flagstaff, AZ. I love, absolutely love my postcard. Thank you so much.