Friday, November 2, 2012

Everything but the Kitchen Sink a.k.a. Catching Up

It has been a while!!!  I'm making an early 2013 resolution to blog more about all the fun stuff that I do...because I've actually been able to do some art over the past several months and am on track to I have something to blog about!  Perhaps I have been busy doing art and not available to blog.  I should at least post something!  E.g.,  "Blogger not available...Doing ART!!!"  With a quick photo of what it is! excuses, now!

Here's a down and dirty (with lots of links!) summation of all (no, some of) the juicy stuff I've been doing:

I've been working in two art journals (some pages still in process)

finished altering another mini board book

and I have been working on a commission...a large painting for a friend's bedroom (not quite finished)

A lovely soul bought a FULL set of my Chakra Altars for her reiki studio, so I made seven (7) more to replenish the inventory at Lemongrass.

My DS (Divine Spirit) sisters and I have been meeting every Friday to let ourselves play and do group or individual projects.   Every endeavor includes a photo shoot, and Lori is a faithful blogger, so she usually posts about it on her blog.  (She won't mind if I send you there for more details...and eye candy, as her photographs are gorgeous!)  This collaboration has been a source of joy for me, and I look forward to every DSF at DSHQ (Lori's house)...even if we haven't planned on doing anything in particular.  Whenever we are together, it's a whirlwind of creativity and fun.

We made a set of "prayer flags"

decorated our faces for Dia de los Muertos

and made altars with the photos we took 

This is a kitchen-sink blog post...I realize that.  In future, I will be more focused and specific...and more consistent.  I realize there is a lot I want to share!  Thank you for visiting and please come back again soon.


  1. I loved reading your 'kitchen sink post' - there's so much to see. You make lovely art journal pages and you and your friends look indeed divine together - especially with the makeup! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. OMG! Beautiful photos, and the mini board book - I want to see it closer up, it looks awesome

    1. Thank you Hanna for visiting! Your compliments mean a lot to me! I'll try to take some better pics of the mini board book or maybe even a video journal flip!