Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a layer of loveliness

Oh yes...winter....  Time for another iHanna DIY Postcard Swap!
This time I was torn between two ideas, and this one won out because it took less time...
...but at least I already have a plan for the Spring Swap!

For these cards, I was inspired by the leftover paint on some transparency film I use 
to hold my GelliArts printing plate down while I'm making prints.  
There was a bit of randomness here and there; 
haphazard, unintentional art, on this see-through surface.
And when I put it over some of the gel prints I made, it created this cool effect.  
This was the perfect project for me right now.  
Creating without thinking, just letting the layers create themselves.

I decided I would add some paint to the transparencies while I was making the gel prints.  
Just cleaning the brayer and allowing it to roll off the edge of the scrap paper onto the film, 
or cleaning the stencil and adding a "stamp" of sorts to the film.

I made quite a few gel prints, but I stuck to the Bristol (card stock) prints for the postcards.

It was fun seeing how the transparencies and prints went together.

I decided to sew the transparency to the card stock, and threw in a magazine clipping... inspirational word that would just "float" between the layers.

 And a sweet bonus!?  All the scraps of transparency and gel print that I have left to play with!

XO, Sarah