Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empowering Mail Art

I am so happy that Hanna Andersson hosted an autumn postcard swap in addition to the one she did earlier this year!  I needed a reason to get creative and her theme of "empowerment" was the perfect inspiration.  I sent my five cards off earlier this week, but of course I couldn't help but make a few extras to send to friends in the coming months.  Thank you to Hanna!  If you are ever so inspired be sure to get in on the next one!  Go to and sign up for her newsletter!

Cheers!  And thank you for visiting!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Everything but the Kitchen Sink a.k.a. Catching Up

It has been a while!!!  I'm making an early 2013 resolution to blog more about all the fun stuff that I do...because I've actually been able to do some art over the past several months and am on track to I have something to blog about!  Perhaps I have been busy doing art and not available to blog.  I should at least post something!  E.g.,  "Blogger not available...Doing ART!!!"  With a quick photo of what it is! excuses, now!

Here's a down and dirty (with lots of links!) summation of all (no, some of) the juicy stuff I've been doing:

I've been working in two art journals (some pages still in process)

finished altering another mini board book

and I have been working on a commission...a large painting for a friend's bedroom (not quite finished)

A lovely soul bought a FULL set of my Chakra Altars for her reiki studio, so I made seven (7) more to replenish the inventory at Lemongrass.

My DS (Divine Spirit) sisters and I have been meeting every Friday to let ourselves play and do group or individual projects.   Every endeavor includes a photo shoot, and Lori is a faithful blogger, so she usually posts about it on her blog.  (She won't mind if I send you there for more details...and eye candy, as her photographs are gorgeous!)  This collaboration has been a source of joy for me, and I look forward to every DSF at DSHQ (Lori's house)...even if we haven't planned on doing anything in particular.  Whenever we are together, it's a whirlwind of creativity and fun.

We made a set of "prayer flags"

decorated our faces for Dia de los Muertos

and made altars with the photos we took 

This is a kitchen-sink blog post...I realize that.  In future, I will be more focused and specific...and more consistent.  I realize there is a lot I want to share!  Thank you for visiting and please come back again soon.