Saturday, May 4, 2013

Never Too Late for More Link Love

This has been such a fun adventure so far!  I have found so many blogs that I love through the link love shared by the others on this mission.  Tammy at daisyyellow is extending the mission, so, should you choose to accept it, get more information here.

I am inspired by many of the craft ideas at A Fanciful Twist.  Especially this paper chandelier!

I just drool over the artwork of Jen Stark.  She is a young, inspired and very humble artist whose muse is colored paper!  A woman after my own heart!  It is worth viewing this video where she explains how she came to use colored paper as her medium.

Elsie and Rachel of Red Velvet Shop, are art journaling mentors of mine.  The way they break down their approach makes it seem so easy and effortless to complete a journal page, and sometimes, I just need it to be easy.

I really admire the artwork and journaling of Juliana Coles.  I love her art journal pages in 1000 Artist Journal Pages and Artist's Journals and Sketchbooks.  I wish I could sketch so effortlessly, but I am taking her online workshop, Field Notes: Mixed Media Sketching, which promises to teach me this, and so far it has been very cool.  I am learning that I need to set aside my expectations of needing to be good at it right out of the box....Like it's some talent you have or don't have?  It's an openness to being unskilled that I need...and lots of practice, practice, practice!

I love the art journaling style of L. K. Ludwig.  I have her book,  Creative Wildfire:  An Introduction to Art Journaling--Basics and Beyond.  This is one of the first art journaling books I purchased, and I continue to go back to it, and to her blog, for more inspiration.