Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mail Art - I'm Slow, So it Suits Me

I carefully staged and edited these photos months (as in 6!) ago!  Life moves fast!  Snail mail is a way of slowing it down, and Mail Art is a fun way to surprise someone you know, especially when you mostly communicate with them via FaceBook!  During the summer Girls' Artisan Camp I hosted last August, the girls spent a day making Mail Art.  Inspired by Good Mail Day, we made our own stamps and used rubber stamps to decorate our sewn manilla folders.  With with the leftovers (manilla folder ends, stamps, diluted paint in spray bottles, and stencils), I created some Mail Art for them as a thank you for attending the camp.  Inside they found a note from me and some little goodies to use in their art journals at home.  It was really fun for me to make all of these, and a good excuse not to put the art supplies away right after camp ended on Friday.  I know I would like to receive something like this in the mail.  How 'bout you?

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