Friday, December 29, 2017

Calling All ClubMAKErs!

Almost two years ago I started a group, kind of like a book club, where we alternate hosting, but no books, just creativity.  I didn't want people to feel pressured into making "art" because sometimes that can be intimidating...depending on your view of "art"... so I called it ClubMAKE.  The host can choose anything to "make":  crafts, food, something they saw on Pinterest.
I didn't really expect the response I got, and the nine of us have pretty consistently "met up for making" several times a year since we started.  It has been so fun to hang out, eat good food, drink wine, and bust out the art supplies!  As it happens, we have made more art than crafts or other projects together.  I'm including just a few photos of what I've made so far.  This creative gathering means a lot to me because I sometimes do not take enough time to do this stuff!  But I also think it has helped my friends see that "art" is not that can just play around and enjoy the process even if you don't end up framing the result.  We've all made time to get creative, and that has been a truly positive addition to my schedule.  
I am looking forward to another year of ClubMAKing!

Do you have a group of friends you get together with to just be creative?  
Let me know you were here with a quick comment and thank you for stopping by!

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