Thursday, November 9, 2017

More Mail Art

Because I feel you can never have enough art in your mail
...or your life...
I keep making these sewn collage cards.
I use a sheet of Tyvek envelope for my substrate.
The process is pretty simple:
1. Collage a layer of scrapbook paper, art paper, book text, etc.;
2. Collage a layer of magazine images and other ephemera;
3. Sew the collage with different colors of thread (2-3), with different stitches
all over it, leaving a trail of straight and zigzag stitching over the collage, 
framing some of the images/text; making little stars or shapes.
4. Find notecards and postcards with envelopes to use as the base 
(I get cheapies at Target or Marshalls);
5.  Cut up the collage to the card sizes and sew the collage pieces to the cards.

Sometimes I love how they turn out so much that I don't want to send/give them away.
Then I realize that's what I made them for...
and they end up as gift cards, birthday cards, or cards to say "Hello" or "Thank You"
But I've found a solution to my problem...I always scan the cards.
Sometimes I'll use the scans to get printed postcards made by Moo.
That way, I've never let go of them completely and can send the same card again!

Here's the latest collection:

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  1. Oh wow, you are on a pink high here! So yummy & delishious!

    1. Thanks, Hanna! Yeah, the collage all started with the floral cut-outs and I picked everything else around them...I am definitely liking pink these days though as well! Hope you're staying warm and enjoying the beginning of the holiday season! XO