Saturday, May 7, 2016

Can I Just Doodle for Days?

For this Spring's iHanna DIY Postcard Swap,
I was inspired by the art journaling e-course I recently took from 
Roxanne Coble.  I have pinned a lot of her art journal spreads to my Pinterest board 
"Visual Journals and Sketchbooks", because I love her work and could stare at it for hours.  It is so interesting and beautiful.  In her class, "Creatures", she taught her process.  She's a wonderful teacher and it was a great class.  In this process, there is a lot of layering and loads of doodling,
(which I love to do!).

I really enjoyed making these cards, and I love the way they turned out.  I even sent one to Roxanne!

I started off with two sheets of 14x17 Bristol paper, knowing I would cut them up into the cards once they were covered with art.  I dashed out some black acrylic onto the blank sheets, just to get things going, then played around with my carefully curated collage pieces.

By the time I was ready to glue, not all the pieces ended up in the collage.  Then I added some muted/neutral colors of paint.


(Yes, that's a gin and tonic in the left bottom corner photo!)

Next, "pattern pieces" of collage and translucent liquid acrylics for some good color pops.  And black and white paint for contrast and interest, along with some paint doodles.

Then, I went to town doodling (for days) adding some other color pops of paint, and some liquid gold leaf doodles as well.  And was so excited to see how the cards came out, I didn't take a picture of the completed 14x17's.  I got 18 cards out of the two Bristol sheets.  Here they are:

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am looking forward to seeing what I get in the mail!


  1. Those who gets one of these postcards will be SO lucky, I love all of them! So yummy and inspiring!

  2. I found my postcard! Thank you so much. I love it. :)

    1. Very happy to know you received it and that you love it!

  3. Hi Sarah, I've received the 4th one down, Love it too :)

  4. Do you do the doodling when it's still the big board or after you've cut it down to postcards? I love how they look in the end and really appreciate you showing your progress in photos as I was trying to figure out how you got from A to Z when I was looking at these on Flickr.

    1. Hi Tina! I wait until after I've doodled everything to cut into cards. In the "paint doodles" phase (small marks in paint), I am usually thinking about how I will doodle around/on these marks later with pen, either gel pen, fine nib paint pen. My last two swaps have been inspired by workshops I've taken from Roxanne Coble...she is an awesome teacher, who will break down all these steps in even more detail for you, and she's having a Black Friday Sale, right now! I recommend "Creatures"!