Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Greetings from 92007

Once again, ihanna is giving me a reason to make art.  I love her for that! Her spring DIY Postcard Swap is in full swing and I am receiving mail art every day.  That is a real treat.  It is also a wonderful excuse to drop everything and make 10 postcards to send out in the mail.  
I decided to create a series inspired by the California beach town that I call home.  
Everyone who lives here is grateful everyday for the beauty, atmosphere and community we share.  
I wanted to share it with some fellow artists that live far away.

[photo by Tess Gardner]

I started with a State Parks of California map, 
and wrote all over it with a big Sharpie, 
all the words and phrases I could think of 
that describe our amazing life here.  
It was a big map and there were a lot of words! 

 Over that, I brushed a coat of gesso
and then scraped on some blue hues of Golden Fluid Acrylics:  
Cerulean Blue Deep, Teal, and Manganese Blue Hue, 
the colors of the ocean and sky in Cardiff by the Sea.  
I took this photo with my iphone today, no filter!

Then, I set to work making packing tape transfers using my Gelli Arts gel plate, 
following this tutorial video.  So much fun!  

These I layered on top of the painted map pieces, added some hand drawn palms with black Copic marker and rubbed on the letters.  

Thanks for visiting!


  1. ooooH! How I miss California! These cards bring back the feeling so much! I spent 6 wonderful weeks on Big Sur in 2008. Thank you for bringing back the happiest of memories!

  2. Wow, thanks for your sweet words and sharing about your postcard process! Now I am really jealous, not only because you in CA but for those that gets one of those beautiful postcards. Awesome blues!

    1. Thanks, Hanna! My sister wants one, so I may be making a couple extras ;)
      Send me your mailing address!

  3. I received the "float" card and I love it! So enjoyed your explanation of how you did it. I'm inspired to get a gel plate and try my hand at that technique. How lucky you are to live near the beach. I'm north of you in Orange County and we enjoy the beach as often as possible- Laguna.

  4. Wow! You got that fast, Bettie! I'm so glad you like it.

  5. I'm the lucky recipient of your gorgeous "beach" card. Love it! I'm in the Midwest and it's way too chilly for the beach right now, but you've got me dreaming. Thanks!

  6. Amazing views and fab cards! Love your choice of inpirational colours, the beach photo is heavenly.
    Love, Outi

  7. Great cards - love the tutorial link too - thanks!