Tuesday, April 16, 2013

more link love

Well, I'm a bit behind...as usual!  But I do have some more blog love to share!!!  I'm on a MISSION!
Tammy at daisyyellow has a brilliant campaign going!  You should get in on it if you can...there are a couple weeks left!  Check it out:  Share the Link Love.  I'm sure you can still get in on the love-two weeks left!

I love her ice cream colors! The way she blends primary colors, white and pale shades with accents of scribbles and folk art accents really gets my juices flowing!

Henna Patterns
My doodles tend to be henna inspired, and here's where I can go and learn more about making them.

Rip the Page!  I have been inspired by Karen Benke in my pursuit of the child within.  Her work has been so helpful to me in the "writing" part of my art journaling.  I have used her prompts and writing lessons in my art camps for girls and the response has been so positive.  We used a five senses exercise to do a color wheel art journal page.  Here's mine ;)

I love the work of Dave and Eric.  This is where I initially learned of Dan Eldon's visual journals and his sad story.  I have both of their books, filled with their signature step by step, analytical approach to journaling. I have yet to fully incorporate their influence into my own journals, but it is on the to-do list.

Lot's of inspiration here!  I have Daring Adventures in Paint, which has inspired some of my art journal backgrounds, if not full-on paintings.  I will get a canvas next!  The photographs by Leslie Sophia Lindell are brilliant.

Thanks for checking my links!
See you in a week (or so) :)


  1. oooohh ... just when I think I have seen all the goodness out there, I discover more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OH! Love your links, I am looking forward to exploring the links for Karen Benke and the henna patterns link. I adore new to me blogs and websites to explore! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for visiting me, ladies! XO