Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I was in a bit of a quandary about our holiday card and pressed for time (not to mention low on funds!). So I decided I would really go all out creating an artful holiday greeting, and then make an artful (I tried!) video greeting to share.  It was a labor of love and I was thinking of all the recipients as I spent hour after hour creating it.  Would they be insulted by a digital holiday card?  Does everyone still want to open something and display over the holidays?  What happens after the holidays?  Are all the cards set into a box and stored, or disposed of to be recycled or put in the land fill?  Those photos of kids you can't just throw away, but how can you spare the space to keep accumulating it all? Well, yes, it became a quandary inside a quandary.  So, in the end, I just decided, I would go with my original and new idea and go digital.  I think, even those who might be a little put off initially, will see the effort that went into this long as they watch the video ;)  Here it is!

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