Friday, September 16, 2011

The Goddess of All Good Things

I am enchanted by bright pink, fuschia, orange, and red these days.  For a while these colors have been making me happy and inspiring much artful endeavor.  I was checking out Michelle Ward's (Green Pepper Press) 54th Crusade...creating a color and naming it (actually, starting with the name and creating the, the Crusade was an inspiration). I had just completed this background using all these colors.  I didn't think about naming it until I read the Crusade, but it was immediately clear to me that I must name this color "Lakshmi's Garden."  Lakshmi (in her many forms) is the Hindu goddess of all things good:  wealth, prosperity (both spiritual and material), beauty, light, wisdom, fertility, generosity, fortune, grace, charm, courage and good luck.  See...everything good!  And I'm about EVERYTHING, yeah...ALL OF IT being good right now.  I'm giving myself permission to have EVERYTHING be good in my life.  Why do we try to focus our positive energy on just one thing or two?  My astrologer and Moon Book co-author, Suzann Lennox tells me I don't have to do that!  And the planets are with me on this!  Thank you Suzann, and thank you, Lakshmi, for EVERYTHING...especially your colors.

So I didn't really know what I was going to put into this background (it's actually half of a two-page spread) until I named it.  I had been working on a sketch of Lakshmi and now I know where she will go.  She will be standing on a lotus, and I will have to draw four arms...that means four hands...and I'm not so good at hands yet.  But I have a feeling she will be beautiful!

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