Thursday, June 23, 2011

can't wait 'til sunday!

DIVINE SPIRIT, for me, is an amazing community of friends and artists.  They are angels, mermaids, sweet souls, wise women.  There has been this outpouring of creativity between all of us, surrounding us, sustaining us and filling us; it goes so much farther beyond what any one of us could experience on our own.  We can barely contain it all among just the few of us and so we are compelled to share it will everyone; bring anyone and everyone into the community through art, meditation, creativity, and love;  and take us all beyond the limits we all put on ourselves.  I love my Divine Spirit collaborators with all my heart, and I am eager to spread the love and juiciness to all of you!


  1. sarah is that purple painted page yours? it's so pretty. also nice self portrait photograph in this set!

  2. Hi Teddi. Yes. The purple page is from my journal. Thank you for your sweet words!