Monday, May 16, 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio

Flipping through my date book, the days, weeks, months are just pages.  Today is this little rectangle.  If I write, I will rapidly fill it with thought, and it will not be enough to hold everything for today, about today, this moment, the moment before or after this moment.  A moment ago I was flipping through a smaller, tide chart calendar, and noticed that the whole year, all those powerful ebbs and flows, were contained in a tiny book that can fit in a surfer's pocket.  I was looking for moon-rise/moon-set.  The moon governs the tides, so I thought I would just quickly check on when I'd be able to see tomorrow's full moon.  This little book stopped me dead in my tracks.  Flipping quickly through the months, like they have no significance, and realizing that each of them have at least 30 days and a full moon all their own.  Does it take a full moon to make me realize the passing of time and how precious each moment really is?  Yes.  Thank goodness I get a reminder every month!  I'll never look at a full moon the same way ever again.

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