Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anyone Can Be an Artist, Right?

I think there are many artists...famous ones, in fact, who recognize this.  Maybe it's the critics, not the artists themselves, that make the judgments about what "they" think is "art" and "not art."  My own inner critic (of everything I do in life, not just art!) has prevented me from doing so many things because my efforts wouldn't fit into the right category:  "art"!  So I think I will listen to these other artists and my heart and not critics.  No critic, including my own, can hear the knocking from my soul.  It's up to me to hear it and answer.


  1. The definition of art in the dictionary is pretty easy on what is and isn't art. I think there's an artist in everyone. I also know that when I subscribed to your blog in my feed reader, I put YOU in the "artists" folder. :P

  2. 1) i love the colors you use.
    2) being a credible artist begins FIRST by owning it. i know artists that only turn up their noses at self taught art, but i also know people with degrees in art that have no creativity, no vision, and frankly, only a degree of talent. in the world we live in it's hard to imagine being able to call ourselves something without a little piece of paper in our hands. after all, there is a process to becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a caterer... but a true artist just knows it within their heart and then pushes forward with it, no matter the obstacle set before them. (and yes, i think you ARE an artist.)