Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Swapping

This year, for iHanna's spring DIY Postcard Swap, I decided to make each card individually, rather than cutting up one big piece of art, as I had for the last two swaps.  This was fun because I had the opportunity to do something different for each card.  Each one is inspired by the colors in the butterfly illustration that is the focal point on the card.  The techniques and materials were similar to those I used in the last couple swaps, starting with collage--I used magazine images, scrapbook papers, wrapping papers, ephemera, and tissue paper with some foil accents.  Then marks and blobs of acrylic paint, and some scribbles and doodles with various media (pastels, pencils, markers).  Finally, I added a foil circle and a butterfly illustration (for spring!), and finished them off with doodling (Pitt pen, gel pen, Sharpie, Whiteout pen).  I made 20 cards even though the swap only calls for 10, but I love having a stash of handmade mail art to send out during the rest of the now I always make extra cards.  For once I was finished with my cards before I even got the addresses...that's how excited I was about this swap!

Thank you, Hanna, for hosting another fun international swap!

Here are some of the cards I sent out (you can see all of them here on my flickr account):


Thank you for stopping by!
Hello and Happy Spring to my fellow swappers!



  1. Your cards are amazing! I sure wish I would get one of yours :) I am participating for the first time in Ihannas postcardswap. I am working on my last card of the 10 now. I am exited to be part of this swap. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards!

    1. Thank you, Annelie, for visiting and for your kind comment! Message me your address and I'll send you one of the extras ;)

  2. I really like how they're the same style but so different, and all the intricate pen details makes my heart sing.

    Plus, I got one in the mail so I'm a happy girl of course. It will go up on the wall for sure. Thank you Sarah!

  3. These are beautiful! I looked around your blog and loved it, so glad you left a comment and I got here, thanks!!